An additional amount of testosterone may be needed if its level in the body is lower than normal, and this causes unpleasant symptoms. Upon the recommendation of a health care provider, this medication may be prescribed in different forms, including patches, gel, injections, pills, etc. Others important factors are exact dosage and length of use. It’s extremely crucial to use this drug correctly, because wrong use of testosterone won’t bring any positive effect and may even cause a range of very serious health problems.

How to Use Different Forms of Testosterone?

The drug is available in several forms, and using each of them has its own specifics. The brief description of using the drug is available below:

  • A skin patch is worn on the upper body or arm;
  • There are different forms of gels available. If gel comes in packets, it’s applied to the skin. Some gels are applied with the help of a pump that is needed for delivering a certain amount of the hormone. There are also gels that are applied into the nose.
  • A mouth patch comes in the form of a tablet. It sticks to either right or left side of the two front teeth, to the upper gums.
  • Injections are made directly into the muscles, usually by a healthcare provider.
  • Implants come in the form of pellets. They deliver the needed amount of the hormone in the soft tissues.
  • Pills are taken orally with food or soon after eating.

Frequency of Use

  • A skin patch is usually applied once a day;
  • Gels are used one time a day, preferably in the morning;
  • A mouth patch is usually used twice a day;
  • Injections are not recommended to use more often than every two weeks;
  • Implants are usually used one time a week;
  • Pills are taken one or two times a day.


The exact dosage is determined by a doctor based on many factors. This mostly depends on the level of the hormone, form of the drug, occurrence of side effects and other features.