Since testosterone is a hormone inevitable for proper functioning of the male organism, it is vital to keep its level balanced. Fortesta is a prescription medication that is aimed at controlling testosterone level in the body and enriching it with lacking amounts.

Resealed in the form of gel, Fortesta is a widely used and demanded treatment of multiple health conditions being the result of testosterone deficit. Additionally, the preparation can be applied in other cases not listed in the safety guide, though only if recommended by the doctor.

Essential Information Patient Should Know about Fortesta

The first and key fact here is that Fortesta is male treatment only; women and children should not apply the medication. Besides, it should not be administered by pregnant and breastfeeding women since the slightest contact with Fortesta may result in severe health complications in an unborn or nursing child. Never pass the medication to other people with similar symptoms, as it can be used only after individual prescription.

The topical solution can cause severe complications in children and women who contact with the treatment. Call your doctor at once if you have had contact with Fortesta and now notice some health disorders, including irregular menstrual periods, premature pubic hair, baldness of the male type, increased acne, etc.


Considering the severe impact the gel produces on the organism and the health of the patient, one should not neglect the doctor’s consultations. Address your healthcare provider and inform about all the health issues you have to make sure the solutions safe and effective in your case. Mention all the complications you have, with an exceptional regard to such issues, as:

  • Diabetes;
  • Heart diseases;
  • Liver or kidney disorders;
  • History of clots in blood, heart attack, stroke or other heart problems;
  • Enlarged prostate;
  • Difficulty urinating;
  • Sleep apnea and others.

Do not start Fortesta administration if you are allergic to testosterone, or in case you suffer from male breast cancer, prostate cancer or other serious conditions.

The inevitable moment here is strict following all the instructions given by the medical specialist. Once you do everything right, as prescribed, you will never experience side effects or other complications. Do not apply the gel in bigger or smaller doses; do not increase the duration of the treatment course.

Apply the gel on dry and clean skin on either front or inner part of the thigh. Administer the solution in the morning, preferably after a bath or shower. Do not swim, shower or bathe for minimum 2-3 hours after Fortesta application.

Taking Fortesta right, with due regard to doctor’s recommendations, you can experience only minor side effects that will disappear in a couple of days. Such downsides include diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach, abdominal pain, headache, sudden mood changes, nightmares or just strange dreams, prolonged erection, blurred vision, high blood pressure and others.

However, Fortesta misuse and overuse can lead to more serious complications, including severe allergic reactions (hives, itching, and swelling), problematic urination, lost bladder control, frequent and painful urination, breast pain, swelling, sleeping apnea, groundless weight gain, bothersome erection, increased blood pressure, chest pain, liver and kidney disorders, etc.

Seek emergency medical assistance the moment any symptoms appear. Stop Fortesta application and call your doctor for further instructions.

Since there is a great number of effective and powerful testosterone treatments, Fortesta is not the only solution. Androgel is also a known and appreciated method of testosterone replacement therapy.

Both drugs are rather effective and influential, though Fortesta is known for its milder action, while the impact of Androgel is truly drastic. Thus, depending on your health condition and =severity of the problem, you may choose between the two.

Shopping for Fortesta Is a Beneficial Experience

Being at the peak of its demand, Fortesta is available in an overwhelming majority of online pharmacies. The advantageous point here is that the solution can be easily purchased without a prescription.

Just opt for a reliable and trustworthy online drugstore and buy quality Fortesta at moderate prices. As an addition, you will receive numerous bonuses, convenient services and even professional assistance available online.