Low testosterone in men’s body can lead to undesirable consequences, such as increased body fat, fragile bones, decreased strength and increased fatigue, etc. Apart from physical changes, low testosterone may cause a reduced desire for sex, up to infertility, emotional or psychological changes. It’s evident that nobody would like to experience states like that, so such androgen as Delatestryl was synthesized to treat symptoms in those men whose body doesn’t make enough natural male hormone.

However, application of Delatestryl isn’t limited to men only. Women and children may be also advised to take this medicine in some cases. Women usually receive additional treatment with Delatestryl if they have got breast cancer; boys mainly take this drug to initiate puberty if it’s delayed.

Taking into account the fact that testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle growth, Delatestryl as equivalent of testosterone is often used by body-builders to hasten mass growth. It’s pleaded to be quite effective in a combination with other medications traditionally used by some bodybuilders.

Purchasing and Usage

Actually, androgens are available in common pharmacies only if you have doctor’s prescription, and Delatestryl isn’t an exception. That is because the dosage of it must be accurately chosen personally for each patient to avoid side effects and achieve best results without any harm to your health, but there may be a lot of reasons which become an obstacle on the way to the hospital, from lack of time to absence of disease (that is when Delatestryl is bought to improve muscle growth).

Luckily, there are lots of online pharmacies offering both brand and generic versions of the medication without any prescription. Of course, it’s a bit risky, but rather convenient.

However, it’s highly recommended to make sure that the drug isn’t spoilt. Delatestryl is a liquid substance which is supplied in 5 ml vials. In case it was stored at low temperatures, some crystals may appear, but it’s not dangerous, and these crystals will dissolve as soon as the vial is warmed. In case some discoloration is present, or particles don’t dissolve at room temperature, it’s forbidden to use the drug.

It has already been mentioned that Delatestryl is a liquid medicine for injection. And if you don’t receive the injections of Delatestryl at hospital, but at home, remember to inject it slowly into the buttock muscle – never inject it into the vein!

As active components of Delatestryl are slowly absorbed and have a long time of action, it’s recommended to make an injection every 1 to 4 weeks, but on a regular basis, to achieve the desired effect. It’s prohibited to take Delatestryl more frequently as it will affect your health.

Before using Delatestryl it’s important to define the dose. The maximum dose possible is 400 mg per month, but it’s not usually required. The most common dosage is 50-200 mg every 2-4 weeks. Nevertheless, in some case with breast cancer in women dose may be raised to 400 mg every 2 weeks.

It’s also useful to note that when you decide to stop taking Delatestryl, you shouldn’t do it at once, but gradually, otherwise, you may have withdrawal reactions like depression, weakness, fatigue, etc.

Side Effects

It mustn’t be surprising that Delatestryl may initiate unwanted reaction of the body, especially if overdose takes place, or the medicine is taken in spite of all the contraindications. The side effects may be both minor and major.

Side effects, you can cope with on your own, or which disappear themselves:

  • Gum or mouth irritation;
  • Headache;
  • Weight gain;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Oily skin or skin color changes.

In case of serious side effects appearance. They are:

  • Trouble breathing;
  • Chest, jaw, arm pain;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Painful urination;
  • Changes of erection;
  • Swelling of legs;
  • Symptoms of liver problems.

There are some symptoms which are special for the state of overdose. Among them are temporary blindness, slurred speech or even inability to speak, blurred vision, sudden weakness in the body and seizures. Overdose with Delatestryl is quite dangerous, that’s why get emergency help once you experience the mentioned above side effects.

Delatestryl is rather effective in men, and mainly good reviews are received from them. In case you buy medicine of high quality from a reliable pharmacy, online or local, you are guaranteed to obtain good results in treatment. Prices for Delatestryl may vary from about $50 to $100 per one 5 ml vial depending on the pharmacy.

The effect is seen in several months, although testosterone level may rise from the very beginning of the treatment, so be ready to make injections regularly during at least 3 months. And another important thing is to learn how to make injections correctly if you do it at home.