Androgel (generic name is testosterone topical) is a medicine in form of gel that contains synthetic testosterone, primary and the most important male sex hormone, that is naturally secreted by testicles and adrenal glands and responsible for development and functionality of male sexual system.

It is usually used to treat a condition called hypogonadism, when there is not enough testosterone produced naturally and men suffer from impotence, depression, low motivation, etc. Androgel is also widely used as an anabolic steroid: for muscle growth and power, and it is considered to be the easiest and safest way to increase testosterone level by many people compared to injections and implants.

How Is Androgel Different from Axiron?

Axiron and Androgel are both testosterone-containing gels that you have to apply on skin. However, the concentration of testosterone in them and places where you have to put it on skin are different. Axiron is 2% gel whereas Androgel is available as 1% or 1.62% gel: one dosage of Axiron contains 30 mg of testosterone and one dosage of Androgel is about 20.25 or 40.5 mg of the hormone.

Androgel is applied on abdomen, shoulders and upper arms whereas Axiron is only put in the armpit area where the skin is thinner. Applying both medications on skin around genitals, on the back or chest is not recommended.

The way you apply Axiron is also different from Androgel, because it is very important to avoid touching Axiron. Accordingly you have to apply Axiron on the skin without using hands or fingers: pump the small dose of gel into a special application cup and then swipe it on the skin in underarms.

There are no studies about which drug is more effective. Reviews show that different people get different results from both drugs due to their individual physical characteristics.


Studies have shown that patients who apply Androgel every day increase their level of testosterone from low to normal and keep it within normal range. In a clinical study 82% of 274 men with hypogonadism who applied Androgel 1.62% every day for almost four months raised their testosterone to a normal level compared to 37% of men who used placebo instead of a real medication.

Consistency in using this gel is the most important: if men don’t do it on a regular basis, their testosterone level decreases again. In most cases men who didn’t give Androgel a good review simply didn’t apply it according to the recommendations. Those who applied it regularly and in doses suggested by the doctor, on the contrary, found great results and were satisfied.

As for the method of application, an overwhelming majority of people find Androgel one of the easiest and safest testosterone-boosting medications. It can maintain testosterone on the same level better than other forms of drugs and, thus, lower the risks of adverse effects.

Androgel is available as 1% gel or 1.62% gel, with the latter being the most recent formulation of the drug. Androgel 1% is available only in packets, whereas Androgel 1.62% comes in both pump and packets.

Androgel 1.62% is applied on shoulders and upper arms only, one dose is two pumps or one packet: it contains 40.5 mg of testosterone. You must not put the gel on any other parts of your body, especially on scrotum, chest, back, knees, underarms and penis.

To get the best results avoid contacts with water (don’t shower, take bath or swim) for at least two hours after applying Androgel 1.62%. It is also important to undergo health monitoring before buying the medicine to make sure you’re healthy enough and to determine the right dosage for you.

While using Androgel you might experience hair loss, trouble sleeping, lower or higher sexual drive, various changes in skin condition, headache, dizziness, nausea or vomiting. The more serious side effects that you have to discuss with you doctor immediately include enlarged breasts, feet or ankles swelling, difficulty breathing, problems with urinating or dark urine, yellowing in eyes or skin, depression, weight gain and severe or persistent stomach pain.

At last, if you feel pain in your chest, jaw or left arm, if you sweat a lot, feel confused, very dizzy, have very painful headaches and sudden changes in vision, you have to call emergency. Androgel may also cause 4-hour-lasting erections: in this case you also have to stop using the drug and call a medical specialist.

Where to Buy It?

You can buy Androgel 1.62% at any reputable online pharmacy that is commited to providing their customers with high-quality medications, best prices, fast shipping and other services.