Androderm is a drug in the form of a patch that delivers testosterone, the most important male sex hormone naturally produced in body, to those men who for various reasons have low testosterone, a condition called hypogonadism, or hypoandrogenism.

It is the most modern testosterone formulation and it’s different from other forms of testosterone-boosting medications: you don’t have to give yourself painful injections, implant pellets under your skin or apply it to the skin and wait until it soaks into it or worry that it won’t absorb entirely.

How to Use It

There are two kinds of Androderm patches: 2 mg and 4 mg. They are very easy to use: you stick the patch onto your skin on the back, upper arms, thighs or abdominal area and leave it for 24 hours. During this time testosterone is slowly released into the bloodstream, so that its level constantly remains the same.

It is recommended not to shower, bathe, swim, stay outside in the heat or do intense physical exercises within the first three hours after putting on the patch, otherwise, it can easily come off because of water or sweat. However, you can have sex or do easy exercises right after applying it. The best time to apply Androderm is at night, before you’re going to sleep.

Don’t stick Androderm onto your buttocks, scrotum or any other areas not mentioned above, and don’t apply the patch on the places with a lot of hair or where the skin is oily or has acne. Make sure the skin is dry and clean before you stick the medication on it.

There is another simple rule: every time you apply the patch you have to change the place. Ideally, the interval in between should be at least seven days in order to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Androderm should be worn 24 hours 7 days a week: after you take it off, you have to put another one right away. If you notice that your skin reddens, you may need to talk to a doctor, so that he/she could advise you the cream to get rid of irritation.


34 out of 35 hypogonadal men, or 97%, who participated in a clinical study raised their testosterone to normal levels in only four weeks. 31 men, or 86% of participants, were using 4 mg Androderm patches a day. 80-85% reviews (based on the data from different resources) for Androderm are positive.

Users note convenience in use, high effectiveness and low risk of side effects.

Androgerm and Androgel are both topical medications intended to boost testosterone levels in men with hypogonadism, and they both have to be applied daily. The difference between them is in their form, methods of application and level of absorption.

Androderm comes as a patch whereas Androgel is available as gel, cream or ointment. Patch is simply stuck onto skin, and gel, cream or ointment should be rubbed into skin. The level of Androderm absorption is higher, that is why 2 or 4 mg patches are enough to maintain the level of this hormone high, whereas each dose of Androgel contains 40.5 or 50 mg of testosterone, but not all of it is absorbed by your body.

The main benefit of Androderm is that it doesn’t keep you from contacting other people (you can touch them, hug them and even have sex). Second, it doesn’t stop you from taking a shower unless you do it in three hours after applying the patch. Third, it is very easy to apply. On the other hand, Androgel has lower risks to cause skin irritation, and you don’t have to constantly wear something on your back.

Several side effects might occur while you use Androderm. They are not dangerous but it is better to consult a medical specialist in case they are persistent: your skin may become red or irritated with a burning sensation or even blisters on it, you may get headache and pain in the back, depression and, in rare cases, long-lasting erections (for hours).

You may also notice problems with urinating: you can start urinating at night as well as during the day more often than usual, you may have an urge to urinate immediately (up to accidental urinating) but at the same time it might be difficult to start urinating or the stream might be weak.

These are the symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia that might worsen if you already have this condition.┬áIf you experience pain, swelling or redness of legs, swelling in ankles, feet or whole body, trouble breathing, pain in the chest, or if your breasts are bigger than usual, don’t hesitate to ask for immediate medical help.

How to Buy It?

It’s never been so easier to purchase medications than nowadays, and Androderm is not an exception. You can buy it in any well-known online drugstore following simple steps as reputable pharmacies offer their clients products of high quality at favorable prices.